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Alina Ivanova

First Randhouse was founded in June of 2001. We were pioneer in a private hotel service segment. It is useful to know the experience of others so I have found 4 mini-hotels, so I declare that we were the fifth. Primarily, I went to the Tourism Committee with a couple of questions. I wanted to know where and what kind of admission I need to get. Extremely busy lady could not understand what we want to run, so we could do it without any admissions. Russian tourist could not imagine what did it mean - Bed&Breakfast. Guesthouse is something from Conan Doyle, but the word "mini-hotel" has not appeared. We bet on the foreign guests, but above the year our country-mates beloved the tiny hotels. Randhouse was named in honour of Ayn Rand, the fantastic woman from Petersburg. Writer of bestsellers, the founder of the philosophy of objectivism, guru of the American capitalism. Alisa Rosenbaum was born in Saint-Petersburg in 1905. She have finished Petrograd University in 1925. When she was 25 when have published her first book about the Cinema art. The same year she moved to the USA to study.

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